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Heath Thorpe enters his journalist era at the World Championships with a shoutout from Simone Biles

Heath Thorpe

Heath Thorpe is on the ground at the World Gymnastics Championships in Belgium as a member of the media. But the Australian heartthrob should really be competing.

If you don’t take our word for it, listen to Simone Biles. The seven-time Olympic medalist gave Thorpe a shoutout Thursday in front of reporters.

When she spotted the artistic gymnast, she said the following: “I’m happy that you are here but you should be out here with us. We miss you.”

Then she blew Thorpe a kiss! 😘

That would rightfully bring any gymnast, gay or straight, straight to their knees.

Thorpe, despite winning the Australian All-Around Championships, one of the country’s highest honors in gymnastics, was curiously snubbed from Australia’s World Championship squad.

Back in July, he appealed his non-selection to the National Sports Tribunal, which partially upheld his case. When Australia Gymnastics didn’t reverse its decision, he appealed once again, but lacked the financial means to move forward.

“I did not have the financial means to continue the case,” he wrote at the time. “I was also emotionally exhausted and isolated. This process had been going on for weeks.”

But ever resilient, Thorpe found his way to the competition, anyway. He signed on to cover the Championships as a reporter.

But there was work to accomplish on the mat before Thorpe traded in his tight uni for a press pass. Earlier this month, he competed in the World Cup Final and World Challenge Cup in Turkey.

The former was held on his 23rd birthday. Thorpe finished fifth in his competition.

Even more importantly, he enjoyed his late-summer bromance with another gorgeous gymnast and staunch LGBTQ+ ally, Eddie Penev.

Following those events, Thorpe made his way to Germany, where he started competing in a professional league. His first attempt on the high bar was a success!

And now, Thorpe is working the podium in Belgium. Thankfully, he still has time to update us on his travels.

Though the Championships doesn’t start until Saturday, Thorpe has already been gathering interviews and posting videos across social media, reaching nearly 184,000 followers.


How does Olympic qualification work in Antwerp? 9 teams (MAG and WAG), 21 women and 18 men will secure their Olympic berths next week ???. Here is your 90 second breakdown of how and who will punch their ticket to the 2024 Paris @Olympics and next week’s World Gymnastics Championships! ???

? YKWIM? – ? ? ?? ?

As an active gymnast himself, Thorpe carries an advantage over other reporters. Athletes may feel more comfortable opening up to him, because he can relate to their experiences.

He was able to quickly score an interview with Bulgarian gymnast Kevin Penev, who’s Eddie’s brother.

As Biles said, Thorpe belongs on the mat. But we don’t mind seeing him behind the mic, either…

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