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Heinous Oklahoma “Gun And Run” Club Uses The Rainbow Flag For Target Practice

Oklahoma-Run-n-Gun-KFOR-800x430Heard of The Oklahoma Run n’ Gun? Because the human war crimes responsible for this cultural abortion have certainly heard of you. Last week, two beardy, beery members of the “biathalon combining running and shooting” decided to post a picture on Facebook, which a lot of people — including us — aren’t too happy about.

Clutching automatic rifles and flashing shit-eating grins, two hallucinogenically creepy dudes flank a target done up to resemble the rainbow flag. The caption, which curiously features no misspellings, reads: “New high visibility targets on the 500 yard range.”

Well. It’s certainly setting one’s sights on bigger game than squirrel.

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“People got really offended and really upset and it didn’t take long for the photograph to upset lots of people,” said Freedom Oklahoma Executive Director Troy Stevenson, who (correctly) interpreted the image as a smug insult — if not outright threat — to the gay community.

When asked about the target, the event organizer played dumb, which doubtfully required much in the way of Stanislavskian Method acting. He claims that many people had complained about not being able to see the targets, and this was their response. He also claims it was meant to be funny and that The Oklahoma Run n’ Gun is a “liberty and fitness group.” You only need to examine the physiques on display here to see this statement is a grotesque lie.

Fans of liberty, fitness, and fun ourselves, we hope the boys have a good sense of humor and can handle Queerty’s new line of “Oklahomo” Run n’ Gun-inspired sex toys.

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h/t: Kfor: News Channel 4