Heir To Fiat Fortune Arrested With Male Escort For Faking Own Kidnapping


We’ve all been there.

It’s been a long weekend of partying in New York. You’re on your last bottle of booze, empty baggies litter the floor and you realize you’re a bit hard up on cash for the next round, let alone what you owe the surely charming escort next to you.

So you do what any international playboy with deep, deep family pockets would — fake your own kidnapping, of course! It’s really so simple, and you should have that $10k ransom in no time.

If that plan strikes you as, oh we don’t know — off — in any major or minor way, congratulations, you aren’t a complete fool.

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The same cannot be said of 39-year-old Italian heir to the Fiat automobile fortune, Lapo Elkann, who ended up in this self-inflicted predicament with a 29-year-old “friend” in NY public housing, after a two-day bender.

When his funds ran dry, Elkann called up relatives and said a woman was holding them hostage. He “would be hurt” if 10k wasn’t sent immediately, he pleaded with his family.

His family, in turn, called NYPD. After what we can only assume was a brief investigation, Elkann was charged with filing a false police report and ordered to appear before a criminal court for arraignment.

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Elkann posted an Instagram video six days ago saying he was embarking on a trip abroad to gather ideas for his business.

“I will be visiting many different countries because there are a lot of projects in development — a lot of new ideas I will be soon showing to you,” Elkann said in the video. “I will be seeing many very interesting characters in the creative field and the entrepreneurial field in the next few days.”

Elkann has a long, troubled past with drug and alcohol abuse, which is no laughing matter. But we expect his wealth and privilege will see him bounce back from this in no time.

And so the world turns…