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Help Queerty Find ‘Straight Acting’ Erik a Date!

Erik, who goes by “StraightActingGayGuy” on the Y-Tube, has never been on a date with a guy. Ever! This makes us feel bad. Not just because the void in his life has him uploading videos to the interwebs talking about his despair, but because he knows he’s the romantic type and wants to at least share a dining out experience with another fella. And also: He could use a lay.

The above video, titled “Sexually Frustrated Young Gay Guy,” pretty much says it all. (But don’t let that stop you from listening to Erik go on about how he’s ready to “explode” and how “the hand really was a great invention”!) It also follows April’s “Sometimes It’s Lonely Being Gay” (below), which gave us a major case of the sads.

This much we know about Erik: He’s 20, he a sophomore at Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota, and he’ll be spending the fall of 2010 studying abroad in Germany. We also know his email address to be [email protected] (which he posted on his own YouTube page, so it’s not like we’re revealing his personal contact info).

But Erik also has no idea that we’ve taken up the cause in finding him a date. Not that it’s much of a secret as soon as we hit the “publish” button. So do what you will with this information, and if you know anyone who lives around here and has use for a sexually frustrated underclassman, send him Erik’s way.

Think of this as the inaugural Queerty Dating Service. And your way to do good in 2010.