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Here’s How You Can Rent A Go-Go Boy For A Night And Help Promote Gay Entertainment Simultaneously

gogoCast members of web series Go-Go Boy Interrupted are auctioning off their best assets — themselves — to go out on a dates with the highest bidders, and they need your money to help pay for Season 2 of their show.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted is a web series — so far seven episodes, each only three or four minutes long — about a go-go dancer/alcoholic/messy queen in West Hollywood who is approaching his 30th birthday, and realizes there may be more to life than just being selfish cu*t simply because he is young and therefore a sex object. GGBI creator/writer/director/star Jimmy Fowlie (pictured, in his underwear) based the lead character on his own life, and developed the show as a sketch at The Groundlings; he is now stepping in front of cameras in the hopes of landing a deal with Logo on a TV network. Good luck to him with that plan. Although perhaps it would be best if GGBI stayed as it is: a no-budget YouTube project that is mind-numbing with its vapidity, but is LOL funny.

Three cast members, all newcomers for the upcoming Season 2, are currently up for auction. Two of the guys are legit actors when they aren’t slumming it with this web series stuff: Scott Evans, who played the gay cop on One Life To Live, and Nick Adams, who starred on Broadway in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. The third cast member, John Suazo, is a professional massage therapist, and he is auctioning his “date” as an hour-long massage session.

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Since the cast members of GGBI aren’t real go-go boys (although there would be nothing wrong if they were, we’ve all gotta make a living), this means they will probably require a certain level of propriety on their dates, and they won’t provide any backroom antics like lap dances and such. Unless they like you for realsies. But seriously, is that really going to happen?

Of course if this fundraiser is a success, Fowlie will undoubtedly auction off anyone and everyone he has ever met to raise money to pay for his show. Fingers crossed he could convince cast member (and YouTube veteran) Drew Droege to put himself up for auction, because that bitch is HI-larious.

Check out the series below.