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High School Girls Discovered to Enjoy Kissing Each Other, And It Must Be Stopped

Know what happens when you put 300 teenage girls together in a high school boarding house? Some of them might kiss each other. Which is exactly what happened at a South African school, forcing the whole girls house to be … shut down. And the two girls caught kissing, hoping to defend themselves, fingers some 30 other girls involved in the same scary act. Lesbianismgate!

Officially, the girls are being disciplined not because of their sexual orientation but because students are barred from having sexual relationships with each other of any kind in the boarding house.

The decision to close the boarding house is said to have come from the school governing body.

A parent of one of the affected girls said some pupils were being accommodated at three homes near the school. Others came from distant areas and had been unable to return to school because of a lack of accommodation.

“The school didn’t tell us anything, they just told us to fetch our children. We do not know why they have been removed. The circumstances around their removal are absurd, because some were apparently seen hugging,” the man said.

Education Department spokesman Sihle Mlotshwa warned that schools did not have the right to remove or expel pupils because of their sexual orientation.

“The school has been visited by district officials on a fact-finding mission. There’s going to be meeting with all relevant stakeholders to look at this issue,” he said.

And what will turn up in this fact-finding mission? Sometimes girls like to kiss other girls, but it doesn’t mean they’re, like, cheating on their math tests.

UPDATE: The girls of KwaZulu-Natal High have been allowed back at school after an investigation from the South African Commission for Gender Equality called the whole thing stupid. Which it was.