Hillary Denies Exploiting Her Womanly Ways

Gay favorite Hillary Clinton ran circles around her male competitors last night. Watch as the Democrat dismisses Campbell Brown’s inquisition about whether or not she has exploited her gender to win people’s hearts – and votes.

Read the transcript after the jump. Special thanks to Petulant Rumblings for the video!

BROWN: Senator Clinton, you went to your alma mater recently, Wellesley College, and you said there that your tenure had prepared you to compete in the all-boys-club of presidential politics. At the same time, your campaign has accused this all-boys-club, surrounding you on stage, of piling on with their attacks against you. And then your husband recently came to your defense by saying that these, quote, “boys,” had been getting rough with you. And some have suggested that you, that your campaign, that your husband are exploiting gender as a political issue during this campaign. What’s really going on here?

CLINTON: Well, I’m not exploiting anything at all. I’m not playing, as some people say, the gender card here in Las Vegas. I’m just trying to play the winning card.


And I understand, very well, that people are not attack me because I’m a woman; they’re attacking me because I’m ahead. And I understand that…


You know, as Harry Truman famously said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”


And I feel very comfortable in the kitchen.

(LAUGHTER) And I’m going to withstand the heat. But, you know, this is really one of the kind of issues that we can laugh about because it’s exciting when you look at this field of candidates.

You know, several of us would never have had a chance to stand here and run for president — a Latino, an African-American, a woman — if it hadn’t been for the progress of America over my lifetime. And I am thrilled to be running to be the first woman president.

BROWN: But, Senator, if I can just ask you, what did you mean at Wellesley when you referred to the “boy’s club”?

CLINTON: Campbell…


BROWN: Just curious.

CLINTON: Well, it is clear, I think, from women’s experiences that from time to time, there may be some impediments.
And it has been my goal over the course of my lifetime to be part of this great movement of progress that includes all of us, but has particularly been significant to me as a woman.

And to be able to aim toward the highest, hardest glass ceiling is history-making.

Now, I’m not running because I’m a woman. I’m running because I think I’m the best qualified and experienced person to hit the ground running, but it’s humbling…
It’s been inspiring. And I have to tell you, as I travel around the country, you know, fathers drive hours to bring their daughters to my events. And so many women in their 90s wait to shake my hand. And they say something like: I’m 95 years old, I was born before women could vote, and I want to live long enough to see a woman in the White House.

BLITZER: Thank you, Senator.