Gay Sex Will Destroy The World, Kill God

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Connecticut-based Episcopal John McKenna wants to set his pious peers straight: homos have no place in the church. As part of his effort, McKenna’s compiled the top 20 frequently asked questions about us gays. Number one: “Isn’t your view of gays judgmental? Even hateful?”


The main point isn’t to judge people but to avoid giving support to something that will cause them to do harm to themselves and to their partners or potential partners. We have to be humble enough to recognize that anyone of us might be tempted to do something that is self-destructive at some time in our lives, but that is no reason to affirm the legitimacy or normality of something that is intrinsically destructive.

McKenna goes on to highlight all the nasty diseases – like HIV, herpes etc – that afflict the homos. Apparently he thinks straights are immune to such devastations. Rather than butting into our sex lives, McKenna should be counseling his fellow Christian soldiers on the dangers of sexual repression.