Queer Ugandans Not Dedicated To National Cause

Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Ugandan national Mayanja Nkangi sure does have a lot to say about the gays. And none of it’s good.

In addition to deriding our sexual habits as “weird” and claiming there’s no human right for humping, Nkangi offers this tidbit of political criticism:

A citizen’s responsibility for the national interest cannot be shifted. Homosexuals, lesbians, and their cohorts are, in this respect, avowed libertines without regard for the national or public interest.

Uganda must not recognise, sanction, protect or promote sodomy or lesbianism by legislation or otherwise. And gay and lesbian practices are ill winds which blow nobody any good; not even themselves, if only they knew.

Sorry, Nkangi, but our blows are great.