Homophobes Say The Darndest Things!

Oregonian gays grabbed some ink last week when they compiled a list of residents who sign an anti-gay petition. The targeted signatories hope to overturn some of the state’s “pro-gay” measures.

A lovely woman named Marsha West wrote a Conservative Voice piece taking on gay activists and their so-called lies:

Some homosexual groups would have us believe that those who alert the public to the horrendous diseases inherent in sodomy are extremists when, in fact, they’re only trying to educate those who are not being told the truth.

Those who spread misinformation about sodomy, i.e., it is a normal and natural sexual practice, are deliberately deceiving the public, as sodomy is both unsafe and unhealthy and could ultimately destroy one’s health and well being.

Interesting theory, West, but we’re thinking anti-gay rhetoric counts as a little more unsafe than a bit of anal action. We’re sure it’s hard for you to understand – you did, after all, agree with your conservative comrades in calling the ACLU the “most dangerous organizations in America”. If it weren’t for them, of course, you wouldn’t be able to write such drivel.