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This homophobic church’s illegal ‘Hamilton’ show would be offensive if it weren’t so damn funny

This unhinged Texas church not only put on an unauthorized Hamilton production, but rewrote it to feature the titular character being converted to Christianity.

Needless to say, folks are far from “Satisfied”.

The Door church in McAllen, Texas put on their born-again Hamilton over the past weekend. The first performance on Friday quickly garnered a cease-and-desist from the Hamilton Team in New York.

The church then apparently went ahead with their Saturday show secretly, even while listing it as “canceled” on Eventbrite.

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The live-streamed show has since been taken down by official orders, but clips of it live on in the internet ether, and oh boy.

The Kidz Bop-esque censorship can be heard from the very first line:

Eliza passionately evangelizes to Alexander in the middle of “That Would Be Enough”:

Eventually he accepts the Lord into his heart, which as we all know is the true message of the show:

Even past the wild rewrites, the performances are… questionable.

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Worse than the mess of a production is the post-show sermon, which featured pastor Victor Lopez calling homosexuality a “struggle” on par with drug addiction and divorce:

Maybe thoughts and prayers will help these homophobic idiots beat the inevitable copyright lawsuit headed their way.

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