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Homophobic wrester with gay-for-pay past Lars Sullivan exposed in leaked DMs

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Homophobic pro wrestler and former gay-for-pay adult film performer Lars Sullivan is back in the news again and, of course, it’s not for anything good.

This time, the WWE SmackDown star, who has a long history of making racist and homophobic remarks, is being accused of sexually harassing his personal trainer on Instagram.

Annika Naidoo-Fuge is a yoga instructor who Sullivan worked with for a while. This week, she shared screenshots with Bodyslam.net of alleged unsolicited DMs he sent calling her beautiful, complimenting her legs, admiring her sports bra, and asking to see pictures of her butt.

“Hope you’re having a great day so far today beautiful,” one of the messages reads.

“I’m totally enamored with your profile today hon haha,” another says.

“The post of yours in the black shots and sports bra,” a third message reads. “Whewsh.”

“Incredibly beautiful. I absolutely love your legs. You got any booty pics in those hon?” a fourth message asks and includes a naughty face emoji.

Eventually, screenshots show Naidoo-Fuge responding by telling Sullivan that she can no longer work with him and will be refunding his money.

“I told you before I block people who send me messages like this,” she writes, “so you’ve kind of had a warning. I don’t have time to work with clients who don’t respect boundaries — I’m a happily married woman.”

Speaking to Bodyslam about the messages, Naidoo-Fuge said she had been “friendly” with Sullivan for about a year but that “the inappropriate comments only started recently.”

“I just think it’s a little sad that men feel they can send messages like that,” she said. “It’s insulting.”

Insulting, indeed. Though it fits with other vile things Sullivan has said and done in the past. Last year, he was exposed for posting dozens of racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks on an online message board at BodyBuilding.com over a seven year period.

Shortly after the bigoted posts resurfaced, so did an old clip of Sullivan appearing as “Mitch Bennett” in a gay adult film by porn mogul Randy Blue. Viewers quickly identified Sullivan by the tattoo on his arm.

You can see a work-friendly preview of that here — Sullivan is on the left:

Sullivan has not responded to the latest allegations made against him by Naidoo-Fuge, but WWE insiders say officials within the organization are “aware” of the situation and that support for him is waning.

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