How Could Anyone Be Gay And Catholic? Andrew Sullivan Knows!

The Church’s whole “abomination” shtick has set a lot of LGBTs against Christianity. But when you’re a gay Christian it’s a double whammy—with people from both communities hating on you.

So how does a gay Catholic like Andrew Sullivan reconcile the seeming contradiction? With equal parts condemnation and vagueness.

He basically says that he’s openly gay because his Catholic belief teaches him to tell the truth about his homosexuality, something he calls an “involuntary characteristic.” He adds that the Catholic church’s “myopic” fixation on non-procreative gay sex has been perpetuated by emotionally crippled gay men within the church.

OK Andrew, but why do you remain Catholic?

Sullivan believes in the church’s “revelation of the truth about everything” and says that the church can be true on some core levels and yet mistaken, misplaced, and misguided in other areas.

Umm… you would Mr. Sullivan kindly please explain the church’s “revelation of the truth about everything”? At least slim it down with an example or two, brother.

At the very best, he says we can hope that the Catholic church might reverse its position on homosexual “abominations” sometime in the next 989 years. Sounds about right.

After all, it took the Catholic church 367 years to admit that the Earth really does revolve around the sun (and not vice-versa). Even the current pope Papa Ratzi thinks the Church did right by denouncing Galileo’s little theory. Sigh…