How Dare You Say GA Gov Hopeful Karen Handel Isn’t Conservative Enough. She Hates Gay Parents, Ya Know

Georgia’s former secretary of state Karen Handel wants to be the state’s next Republican governor. But first she’s going to have to address her opponents’ claims, like the one where she’s in bed with radical homosexuals.

[flv:http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/07/karenhand.mp4 http://queerty-prodweb.s3.amazonaws.com/wp/docs/2010/07/handel394.jpg 300 200]

Is Handel conservative enough to be the next GOP pick? The Republican frontrunner John Oxendine just distributed a mailer (see here) to voters claiming she’s pro-gay and pro-abortion — and, gasp, A LIBERAL!! Opponent Nathan Deal, a former congressman, has called her out on writing a “sponsorship” check to the Log Cabin Republicans back when she was running for a county commissioner gig, so clearly she supports the gays, right?

Of course not. Defending herself against claims she’s joined LCR or something, Handel wants it made expressly clear where she differs from those fagalas: “Marriage is between one man and one woman. And I’ve been very very clear about that. And the record is clear about any of the other issues like domestic partner benefits or anything like that. In fact in Fulton, I voted no on domestic partner benefits.”

And even though she has gay friends, she says as “a Christian, I view relationships and marriage as being between a man and a woman.” She also doesn’t want homosexuals adopting children. She would “consider” making it illegal. “I don’t” believe gay parents are as legitimate as straight parents, she says.

Well, sounds like you’re conservative enough for us, lady!


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  • Coxygru

    Some of my (best?) friends are big-ass bigots, too. Kind of… But it sho’ don’t hurt none to say so!

  • Dawson

    If anything, this makes the LRC look as foolish as they actually are.

  • axos

    How can she look her gay friends in the eye and say things like that. “You are not a legitimite parent. I will consider making it illegal for you to adopt.” “You should not get domestic benefits.” “You will stop you from marrying the person you love.”

    How can she even look at herself in the mirror without blushing? And call herself a Christian to boot?

    Wonder if she asks God for forgiveness every night for the lies and hatred she spews only to get elected.

  • Heather

    @axos: She probably doesn’t have gay friends. That she knows about. Really, last night was just a PROUD night for me as a Georgian. (Ugh.)

  • adman

    she says as “a Christian, I view relationships and marriage as being between a man and a woman.” Forget about marriage, she thinks all relationships are between a man and a woman? What is her relationship to her 10 year old daughter then? Which one is the man? Can we nuke the South yet? These water-headed mongoloid freaks of nature need to rapture themselves or something. Fuck Georgia and everyone in it.

  • Queer Supremacist

    They got off too easy after the War of Southern Treason. Their whole economy and culture was based on the violation of individual rights on the basis of race. Lincoln preached “malice towards none, charity towards all,” and how did those fucking crackers repay him? With an assassination by some two-bit ham who believed black people were objects to be bought and sold. Those filthy provincial hillbillies compared their struggle to deny certain people the right to control their own lives, bodies, and property dared to compare their petty and evil complaints to the legitimate complaints of oppression and unfair treatment the Colonists had against George III. The Colonists had more in common with the slaves than the slave owners.

    White Southerners are hypocritical assholes who will be polite to you to your face and talk trash about you the moment your back is turned. The next Confederate flag, decal, or bumper sticker I see I’m calling the FBI and reporting treasonous activity. Treason is not free speech.

    Oh, and here’s some food for thought for Karen Handel and the rest of you so-called “Christians”: as a Jew, I think Christianity is a cancer on Western Civilization. Whenever you “people” need to scapegoat someone for your self-imposed problems, it’s always kikes and fags you take your anger out on. Well this kike fag is not taking any more of your goy breeder bullshit. We’re better than you, and we know it, and you know it, and that’s why you try to keep us down. Well not this time.

    When we say “Never Again” we fucking mean it.

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