How Did Andrew Sullivan Escape a Federal Pot Charge?


Journalist hater Andrew Sullivan, who packs up his blog and moves it to various magazine brands every now and then, recently came into a bit of good fortune: the U.S. Attorney’s office helped get him off on a federal pot possession charge.

Facing a $125 fine (LOL) after getting caught with some weed on the Cape Cod shore in July, Sullivan found himself facing a federal misdemeanor, since the Cape Cod National Seashore is a national park, outside of Massachusetts’ jurisdiction where pot was decriminalized. And U. S. Magistrate Judge Robert B. Collings wanted to stick Sullivan with the rap, since plenty of other pot-busted savage criminals had to deal with the same inconvenience.

But Sullivan’s attorney didn’t want any crime, no matter how small, on Sullivan’s record. Because that could get in the way of the blogger’s citizenship application, of which he’s in the middle of. Bizarrely, the U.S. Attorney’s Office moved in to dismiss the charge, and when Judge Collings demanded to know why (’cause he wants all persons treated fairly under the law!), Assistant U. S. Attorney James F. Lang told him he had no business knowing their motivations. Well!

Given Collings had three other defendants facing the same charge that very day, you can imagine why he was in a grumpy mood, and opted to fire off an 11-page memo declaring his unhappiness with the U.S. Attorney.

So the pot-smoking Sullivan — who’s recently used his blog to slam the president on turning the right to get high into a punchline — gets off without anything on his record, though he will have to acknowledge to immigration officials that he was charged with a crime.

Say what you will about Sullivan unfairly escaping a spot on his record, but finally, for once, a gay gets special treatment under federal law. But because we live in an unfair world, the law lotto winner isn’t even American.

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  • J.Lowrot

    Today’s tough question: Who is more of an ass, Kanye West or Andrew Sullivan?

    I’m going with Andrew Sullivan. He’s a fraud. Kanye is just a poser.

  • Qjersey

    Go back to the UK Sully, you’ll find plenty of barebacking pot smokers back home to play with.

  • Qjersey

    …also waiting on the “medicinal defense”…

  • M Shane

    They should make him swim back to the U.K for all the damage he has caused the Gay political scene with his Right wing B.S. only they hate him and his religious-hypocrtical fat ass worse and would probably tar and feather him.

    He’s the Republican UncleTom, and gives us all a bad name.

  • Will

    Um, how is Rush Limbaugh not in jail for getting caught with illegal prescription drugs… TWICE. The answer is the same for him as it is for Sullivan. They’re both wealthy white Republican males with a tenancy to hate anyone with a D after their name.

    Somehow, this offsets anything legally sketchy they do in their off time.

  • CitizenGeek

    @Will: Sullivan is not a Republican; he’s exceptionally harsh on the GOP these days, voted for Obama, etc.

    I really like his blog but I accept that he is an unforgivable fraud.

  • M. Bergeron

    @ CitizenGeek: Sullivan isn’t a citizen and cannot vote in our elections. He did endorse Obama, but not because he’s suddenly become a liberal, he endorsed him because the Repubs have gone batshit and he felt they needed to spend 4-8 years in the wilderness to find themselves again.

  • Cam

    Hmm, Is he more of a fraud or a pseudo intellectual with dellusions of greatness? Discuss. ;)

  • Jaroslaw

    As person who works with the courts, a judge can certainly inquire what the prosecutions motives are but he has NO right to DEMAND. That is NOT his job. Sorry. And I’m not defending or maligning Sullivan.

    And M. Bergeron probably Citizengeek meant to say Sullivan supported Obama because of course a non-citizen cannot vote, although you’re probably right that he didn’t morph into a liberal. But who knows? I did. It is possible. Of course, there was no money in it for me either way! :)

  • Leo


    You are in error. Andrew Sullivan has been actively supporting conservative ideology for at least a decade, promoting anti-gay stereotypes, and servicing his corporate johns.

    I suspect that he was rescued in payment for his long years of service to conservatives in both parties. After all, people tend to spoil their lapdogs, and Rush and Andrew are not exceptions.

    Cam – why make us chose between two equally accurate terms, when both fit? Throw in prostitute, or the appropriate synonym, and you’ve got a well-rounded summation of the last decade or so of Andrew’s career.

  • ggreen

    Wow is that just a horrible photo or has he really become that fugly? Whats with the 1950’s old ladies eyeglasses? Didn’t Gladys Kravits wear a pair of those?

  • J. Clarence

    “[F]or once, a gay gets special treatment under federal law. But because we live in an unfair world, the law lotto winner isn’t even American”

    I love that line. Who knew Sullivan had so much pull in the U.S. Attorney office.

    Frankly, the US could do without issuing him a passport.

  • M Shane

    He’s uglier than that-that makes him look thin. flattering: He has the nerve to announce that we assimilate and end gay liberation,which he wrote a notable article about, rejecting everyone who doesn’t fit into his Catholic steriotype; i.e..queens, tranys, anyone who sticks out.
    In the meantime He’s advertizing his fat ass for barebacking on the web! He couldn’t go back to the U.K; Gay’s hate him.
    Because of his stalwart support of Republican causes here he was the editor of “The New Republic” and currently has a regular spread in “the Atlantic.” he wrote the al time stupid badseller “Virtually Normal”. He’s the living voice of gay homophobia.

  • greg

    The problem is obviously a ridiculous law that nobody should be prosecuted under. The injustice here is that other people did not get special treatment, as I’m sure Sullivan would agree. What happened to them? If the judge values equality, they should not be fined either.

  • Republican

    Some of these comments are hilarious. Liberals never fail to amuse.

    Regarding the article, Sullivan should be treated just like anyone else. I’m surprised they didn’t want to make an example out of him. He must have good connections.

  • Glennmcgahee

    Sullivan is not a Republican. He just supported Cheney and Bush’s rush to war and convenient cocktail party invitations and guest appearances on shows like Meet the Press. During the last campaign, he decided on being a Hillary – hater because he wouldn’t forgive Bill Clinton for DADT or some such nonsense, although I suspect it was because Hillary had a VAGINA. He jumped on the Hopium bandwagon when it was full of the new kewl kids. Now that Obummer is turning out not to be so gay-friendly after all, he’s taking it back. Obummmer will get some nice articles by saving Sullivan’s citizenship stuff but Sullivan probably is out as far as the cocktail parties go, openly HIV + fags need not apply I bet.

  • Jason

    “Because that could get in the way of the blogger’s citizenship application, of which he’s in the middle of.”

    ” … OF which he’s in the middle OF …”?

    Who writes these pieces? You call yourselves writers?

  • Raw-B

    Republicans never fail to disgust.

    Andrew is a loathsome libertarian…which basically means he is a Republican who likes to smoke pot.

  • Dexpat Mike

    When did the US become such a nasty place?

    Why do Democrats all hate Republicans?

    Why do Republicans all hate Democrats?

    Why do the gays constantly bitch about the Republicans, when our unfettered support for the Dems quite frankly gets us no where?

    We should be pushing for moderate Republicans that will support gay rights rather than denuding the party of any sensible members, making it an increasingly far right organization.

    I say this as a registered Dem who has worked and donated quite a bit to Dem causes. But to be blind to the lack of support get get from the Dems is just silly. They know they have us in their pocket and treat us as such.

    I do not hate Republicans at large (there are a few though) and quite frankly I find the entire political debate in the States insane and this blog is a perfect example. You are all so filled with hate you forget you are all Americans first and foremost. No wonder the States is going down the tubes.

    It is really, really sad.

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