How Joe Solmonese Is Handling the Fall Out From America’s Everyday Gays

There’s my standard answer: that it’s the nature of social change, and you can’t be the biggest organization in the movement and not expect that people aren’t going to aim their frustration at me. [And my non-standard answer:] It’s hard not to have it occasionally get you down and not have it occasionally hurt your feelings. If I try to filter the constructive from the non-constructive . . . I think it makes me better. And I think it makes all of us do a better job. ‘Us’ — ‘Gay Inc.,’ as it were, the people at the table — and ‘us’ — the armchair activists, bloggers and people who are engaged in civil disobedience. If it’s a meaningful exchange, I think it can’t help but make you better.

—Joe Solmonese, defending his record as the head of the Human Rights Campaign, in a Washington Post profile