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How Long Before The Tabloids Take Tom Cruise + Jeremy Renner’s Platonic Co-Star Role To A Closed-Door Trailer?

Now that they’ve started filming Mission: Impossible 4 together, Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner are making the gay jokes easy … for the tabloids. The National Enquirer wasted no time in spitting out a “bromance” pictorial full of innuendo.

The Enquirer, which took pride in outing Renner in March, fuels what’s probably a non-existent romance between the two actors. But maybe it’s a daddy-son thing!

Tom Cruise has a not-so-secret admirer – his costar Jeremy Renner. Renner – outed as gay early this year by his former acting coach – has a massive man-crush on his longtime idol, sources say, and the Mission: Impossible set is buzzing about their close friendship.

“Jeremy is always gushing about how charming and handsome Tom is. He even says things like, ‘When I grow up, I want to be just like Tom Cruise!’” an insider divulged. Another source says: “It’s a physically grueling shoots, but Jeremy lights up whenever he’s with Tom… They’re always hugging, slapping each other on the back and bumping fists.”

Some speculate that Renner is being groomed to take over the M:I franchise. Renner – a 39 year old bachelor – has denied romances with Charlize Theron and Jessica Simpson in the past, and he’s fanned speculation about his sexuality by refusing to address the reports that he’s gay. The insider also claims: “Jeremy’s relationship with Tom seems to work just fine. Jeremy feeds Tom’s ego, and Tom gets a charge out of Jeremy idolizing him.”

We’ve yet to hear whether Cruise has invited his new co-star aboard his crotch rocket, as he does with Hollywood twinks. [Celebitchy, Boy Culture]