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How Many Bottles of H8terade Did These Photogs Drink?

Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley are the photography pair behind the NO H8 campaign, which has been a boon to the struggling face paint industry. With over 300 folks shot so far, the duo explain to Heath Daniels what drove the effort from West Hollywood (boo? hiss?) and beyond.

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  • getreal

    West Hollywood (boo?hiss?) So does Queerty just hate everything gay now or just our gay rights leaders?

  • Fitz

    Why are you so damn negative about someone trying to do something good? Who pissed in your cornflakes? Do you think Queerty is doing more for our community than this guy? I suddenly feel stupid for being on this site at all.

  • Brian

    @Fitz – Couldn’t agree more. Every time I reluctantly type in my browser, I know I’m going to pissed off about something these editors have written. It’s a shame.

  • walt zipprian

    But, what else would you guys have to bitch about?

  • Alexandre

    Why do you guys read the blog if all you do is complain about what is written here?

  • Alexandre

    I love you Queerty.

  • Brian

    @Walt Zipprian & Alexandre –

    I can only speak for myself here, but I used to find Queerty a great blog for the LGBT community – however, as I’ve began reading more and more blogs geared toward gays, I see just how superficial this blog is. The stories are never in depth, often race-baiting, and sometimes just factually inaccurate. I continue to read the blog (albeit much less often) hoping the quality of the pieces will improve, but to no avail.

  • Dennis

    Methinks Queerty is just jealous of anyone trying to use creativity and gay artistry to create postive change for our community…Meow, can I get a saucer of milk for you catty bitches?

    I mean, how many create ways can you Obamabash? Don’t know, but I’m sure you’ll try…

  • Cam

    I’m glad the Blog pisses people off, for two long we have had gay monolith’s like HRC claiming to speak for “The Gay Community”. I think it’s fantastic that we have gay blogs out there taking their own line, and pissing some people off, while making others say “FINALLY somebody is saying things I agree with”.

  • Fitz

    @Cam: So their role is as oppositional child? hey- someone here give me some recommendations of good websites that want to be part of the solution.

  • Alex

    Could you please explain the boo and the hiss. Do you dislike gayborhoods? Rich people? Please explain.

  • Alexandre

    I just don’t understand what you think writing rude and incendiary comments is going to change about this blog. A lot of readers like it the way it is. If you hate it so much, stop reading it. Or make your own blog. Maybe that will also solve all the rudeness that goes on between all those who comment as well. I mean damn.

  • edgyguy1426

    Look at the first page and count the number of positive vs. negative postings (ok if you’re not into hairless muscle twinks, that doesn’t count as a negative!) I think the NY Senate story was pretty neutral, the FOX TV article was positive by exposing a hypocritical news slant,Positive story about an Aussie trans player,there’s a positive story on changing attitudes in MI, and on and on. As for negative stories about Obama and his silence or inaction on gay issues: Dennis are you writing the same letters to MSNBC or CNN about Rachel Maddow or Anderson Cooper, because they’re just as hard on Obama as Qweerty.
    As for this post I don’t understand the WeHo reference, but the mere posting of this piece was positive in and of itself if you bothered to watch the clip.

  • Dennis

    Contrary to my “branding” as one of the lead ‘Obots’ on the site, I actually SUPPORT MSNBC, Maddow, Copper, Olbermann (etc.) when they criticize Obama when he screws up…

    But those journalists also offer genuine, again, genuine praise to Obama when he does something right…something which Queerty NEVER does, it’s always a sarcastic acknowledgement, or some backhanded reference to him ‘not hating gays’ for once.

    Just callin’ out bullshit on this site, when I see it…everyone’s entitled to their opinion, free speech and all…

  • edgyguy1426

    The only thing Obama has done ‘right’ was the June proclamation which some can take as a positive and some can take as pandering. You might see it as a positive if positive things of substance had come before it. Sadly this, as yet, is not the case. I think Maddow is even rougher on Obama. It’s widely reported that even some of the most ardent Obama suppoters who are queer activists are just as pissed off as Qweerty seems to be, so they’re just echoing the media.
    I still don’t get the WeHo reference, I’m out of the loop in Chicago as to what is happening locally on the coasts.

  • Ben

    I don’t get the duct tape over the mouth thing. I mean no one’s free speech has been curtailed. Explain, someone?\

  • Alexandre

    @Ben: He explains that at 2:57 about the gay community being silenced because we don’t have equal representation

  • TANK

    Gotta love that unnecessarily “creative” glass of water being poured over his head…it’s so…watersports….yeah.

    And they photographed a MI…little person, too! That’s awesome. I love little people. They’re always fun to toss around.

  • David Hauslaib

    @getreal: Alas, this was a joke. I live in West Hollywood, but a lot of criticism aimed at gay rights efforts, especially those in California, are that they’re “too Hollywood” (i.e. A-Gay, black tie, exclusive). So I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek. But for readers who can never identify a sarcastic remark, I can understand how that’s misinterpreted.

  • edgyguy1426

    Thanks for the clarification

  • Michael vdB

    I got the tongue-in-cheek…but then again, I am always thinking about my tongue in something…er…tongue-in-cheek. David, thanks for the responsible approach in your response. :)

  • getreal

    @David Hauslaib: I appreciate your making that clear I live in Weho too. I guess having my friends and mentors trashed on this site for the past week has made me overly sensitive. I was under the impression you lived in New York the fact that you are only about two and 1/2 hours away makes it all the more perplexing that you did not attend Meet In The Middle you gave it so much negative coverage. Not to mention the leadership conference an open door event with a rainbow of hundreds of gays and straights of all colors that you covered as an exclusive closed door lily white event. I don’t know if you are straight or gay and it really doesn’t matter but trashing the equality movement and whitewashing it as you have done does real damage to the movement. It is one thing to lodge criticism against large organizations who are failing us but to go after on the ground grass roots activist who make daily sacrifices with little or no reward or compensation seems unfair particularly as the basis for the articles was anonymous “sources” or third hand reports. It makes me wonder how many potential volunteers that could be canvassing, phone banking and organizing were swayed by those articles. I’m not writing this to insult Queerty I like this site and I try to read it every day but I feel like i saw damage being done to our grassroots efforts by these articles and it was disheartening to see that a lot of hard working people were so personally hurt by the coverage which if you had just interviewed the people you covered or attended the events you would have seen were grassroots, inclusive, and positive.

  • Alexandre

    I don’t understand how the humor wasn’t clear, he even put question marks after the boo and the hiss.

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