Politico Buckles Under Poll Pressure

Howard “Considering” Gay Nups

Australian Prime Minister John Howard remains one step behind his nation. The conservative politico spoke out against gay adoption just days before Western Australian witnessed its first gay adoption.

Now, a new Get Up! poll shows that 71% of Australians believe gays deserve the same marriage rights as their heterosexual counterparts. Get Up! executive director Brett Solomon says, “Australians don’t want their gay friends and family to feel like second-class citizens”.

While Howard’s agreed to look at national policy, he’s firm in his discriminatory denial of gay marriage:

We are not in favor of discrimination but of course our views on the nature of marriage in our community are very well known and they won’t be changing. There’s no possibility of our attitude in relation to gay marriage changing. In relation to other issues we certainly aren’t a government that supports discrimination.

Howard better step his game up – elections are just around the corner. We’d absolutely hate if his archaic political views cost him his career. Oh, wait, no we wouldn’t…