No Tape Exists, But Loving The Attention

Howard K. Stern On Cosby Gay Claim: “It’s Impossible”

Howard K. Stern appeared on Larry King Live last night to discuss Rita Cosby’s sensational – and allegedly “absurd” – book.

In that book, Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story of Anna Nicole Smith’s Death, Cosby claims Stern and Larry Birkhead were gay lovers scheming against Anna Nicole. Both men deny it and Stern’s filed a $60 million lawsuit against Cosby.

Chatting with Larry King – a man who should have the good sense to retire before his show becomes Us Weekly – Stern called Cosby’s allegations “impossible”, especially the bit about a sex tape:

It’s totally impossible. If Rita Cosby really thought that there was a tape, she should have tried to watch it. You don’t rely on other people’s words for something as salacious as that. It’s just completely impossible. The act never occurred. No tape can exist.

Whether this tape exists or not, Stern should be thanking his lucky stars, because this media whore’s getting exactly what he wants: attention.

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