Hugo Chavez’s Foreign Minister Calls Opposition Party “Little Faggots”

Our Spanish is pretty rudimentary (if you needed a blue pencil, we’d totally have you covered) but a Queerty reader sent us this clip of Nicolás Maduro, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez’s foreign minister. Filmed by a Caracas news channel, it shows Maduro apparently condemning Chavez’s opposition party in the upcoming election as “sifrinitos” and “mariconsotes”—”preppies” and “little faggots”—who have tried to hurt the Venezuelan people but weren’t able to, and never will, because of the spirit of liberty of the people.

His comments are met with laughter and applause from other ministers and audience members.

The event was a celebration of the “Hechos de Abril 2002,” when Chavez was returned to power after a 47-hour coup saw him briefly ousted and detained by the military.

But, hey, what’s 47 hours when you’ve been leader for 14 years, right?

Thanks to nc caracas and Feinstein for translation