Dancer Seeks $1.25 mil for Splash-y Ad

‘HX’ Lawsuit A Go-Go

Free fag rag HX may have to start charging soon.

A Manhattan judge has ruled that “mere model and dancer” Manuel Alex Saez can proceed with a $1.25 million lawsuit against the New York-based weekly.

A dancer for Splash bar, Saez agreed to appear in an advert for the sweat-soaked hot spot. He did not, however, agree to a new name and career – HX referred to him as “Big City video porn star Alex”. The magazine also promised readers “He’ll definitely get your sprinklers working.” Talk about a Splash!

Saez says the ad caused him “emotional and mental suffering and distress, and sleeplessness and aggravation”. The magazine and its lawyers failed to convince the judge otherwise. And, what’s more, they admitted to not checking up on Saez’s porn stats – or lack thereof. Although, to be fair, it’s an honest mistake. Have you been to Splash?

HX seem unfazed by the scandal. Lawyer Alan Effron told The Post he’s sure further consideration will show the “magazine acted responsibly”. Good for you, Effron, now you just have to prove it. Or keep fighting until a judge throws the suit out, which would probably be easier.