He Said/He Said

Hypnotic And Terrifying Supercut Shows Just How Hypocritical Donald Trump Is


Donald Trump — Republican presidential nominee and sentient bottle of Orangina — is a hypocrite. This we all knew, but this expertly edited supercut perfectly illuminates the endless contradictions that spiral forth from his mouth every time it falls open.

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He’s nothing if not inconsistent. He’s passionately in favor and vehemently against everything that has, or ever will, transpire in the known universe — now, forever, in perpetuity, and at any given moment.

Immigration. Health care. Abortion. He stands in solidarity with every advocate and activist who has ever championed these polarizing hot-button issues. But –and let there be no ambiguity here — he diametrically opposes them as well.

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Also, and this is of utmost importance: Hillary Clinton is a fiercely competent political powerhouse, and a vapid, incompetent ass who is unfit for Folger’s House, let alone the White House. To be clear, he likes her very much on a personal level, but he utterly despises her, too. On every level. And you should, too.

Watch the full horror below: