maggie gallagher

‘I love the gay press. I really am impressed with gay journalists, as a group’

SOUNDBITES — “I love the gay press. I really am impressed with gay journalists, as a group. I like reading the marriage issue in the gay press because they cover it as if what happens matters, whereas if you read The New York Times, it’s always about how this is going to affect who gets elected president.” —National Organization for Marriage president Maggie Gallagher, who notes that “I’m pretty confident that, as in California, we’re going to win [in Maine]” [WI]

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  • j

    “I love the gay”, from the horses mouth.

  • Jude

    I’m afraid she might be right though, about winning in Maine. They’ve continued with their deceitful advertising and for some reason, what they lie about i.e. teaching gay marriage in schools, does in fact hit a nerve on too many people. Regardless of how we countered, these scare tactics worked in California and NOM is betting on it working again, and again.

  • george

    Does anyone else think Maggie looks EXACTLY like The Barefoot Contessa? I think she’s her evil twin.

  • Mike L

    That stupid shitfaced whore likes to see our suffering and anger, it’s her little sick fetish.


    She doesn’t care about the regular news sources b/c they dont really care, but when she reads our news reports she wants to feel as though she’s driving her high heels through our nuts. That is if she doesn’t brake them beforehand.

    Billo and she would make a good couple.

  • Daniel

    “You like me, you really like me!”

    @George – I totally thought that too when first seeing her.

  • ricky

    stupid bitch says stupid thing, film at 11.

  • ricky

    how much do you want to bet that the father of maggies out of wedlock child is a guy that realized he was gay after banging her?

    she wants revenge.

  • Jason

    I’m really unimpressed with her, as a group.

  • RM

    She’s entirely correct, though.

    But what she SHOULD be saying is that the poor coverage by the mainstream media is what allows her side to win so much!

  • Qjersey

    the mainstream media has castrated itself for the most part. Trying to appear “non partisan” the major news outlets never challenge the lies.

  • hyhybt

    @j: Wrong end.

  • Robert, NYC

    The reason they win is that they far outnumber us and have more money to spend on negative ads. Our problem is we have NO national gay leader, instead we have a hodge podge of different organizations that aren’t necessarily on the same page with one uniform message. Plus, we need a leader who has the intellectual capacity to confront the right wing religious wackos head on and blow them out of the water with rational, intelligent dialog to take the wind of out of their sails once and for all, someone of the Mario Cuomo ilk perhaps, a brilliant orator and one I would say surpasses anything Obama can say.

  • KK Bloom

    She is one of the most smug creatures I’ve ever seen. Of course gay marriage matters to the gay press (and gay people) — we are the ONLY people affected by it. Even Maggie admits gay marriage has no affect on her own life (except as a grand moneymaking ploy). I sincerely hope she lives long enough to see marriage equality in the majority of the country.

  • Larry

    I’m inclined to agree with Robert, NYC.

    Unfortunately, Maggie is probably right, and they’ll probably win in Maine. I think a big reason is that we have failed on two fronts: 1) Make the movable middle like us; and 2) make it dislike the other side.

    We need to face the fact that a lot of people in this country simply don’t accept homosexuality, let alone gay marriage. Sure, attitudes are changing among younger people, but it’s going to be at least 10 or 20 years before an overwhelming majority of young people support us and constitute a sufficient portion of the electorate to overtake the old farts who can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that we’re human beings capable of feeling pain.

    Another thing that needs to be addressed is the constitutionality of allowing a majority of voters to decide on the rights of a historically marginalized minority. I’m no legal scholar, but to me, Prop. 8 and the like are as blatant examples as any of tyranny of the majority, not to mention blatant examples of this country’s consistent failure to live up to the promises in the Constitution with regard to anyone who isn’t white, male, Protestant and heterosexual.

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