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If All 4 Military Heads Were OK With Gays + Spouses Cheating, Christine O’Donnell Would Be Too

Last night’s Delaware Senate debate was where you would find Christine O’Donnell, facing off against Chris Coons, telling the audience she could not remember off the cuff any Supreme Court rulings she disagreed with. But she promised to find some and post them on her world wide web site. What Christine did know off the top of her head, however, is that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is the equivalent of cheating on your spouse.

“The military already regulates personal behavior in that it doesn’t allow affairs to go on within your chain of command,” Christine calmly explained. “It does not allow it you are married to have an adulterous affair within the military. So the military already regulates personal behavior because it feels that it is in the best interest of our military readiness. I don’t think that Congress should be forcing a social agenda on our military. I think we should leave that to our military to decide.”

But why, asks a constituent, does Christine specifically not want gays to be able to serve openly? “Because it [DADT] is a military policy that the military set forth.” No, it’s a law Congress set forth. But that’s not where you’re really wrong, lady.