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If François Sagat Shows You How to Put a Condom On, Will You Wear One?


Chinese officials may think alcohol is the way to HIV/AIDS education, but French health officials know the real secret: hardcore sex.

France’s Ministry of Health is backing a new series of HIV awareness PSAs produced by French entertainment site And the first in the bunch? Indie film star and porn actor François Sagat, who stars erect in a very NSFW clip encouraging you to wrap things up before sticking it in.

We can’t embed the X-rated footage, but you can find it on XTube here (again, NSFW!). And if you don’t understand French, the clip reads in part, “It’s lovely, but even in films the condom doesn’t appear thanks to a magic wand. … Use a condom and gel for every penetration in order to protect yourself against HIV and other STDs.”

Just don’t hold your breath for the United States Health & Human Services Department to ask Michael Lucas for an American version. And if you’re in the mood, feel free to reignite the debate on whether selling sex for AIDS education is a noble cause.