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If Ne-Yo Kills Somebody, Will You Stop Saying He’s Gay?

R&B crooner Ne-Yo can’t shake those gay rumors, and this has him upset! Why can’t everybody stop talking about his sexuality? Because he hasn’t threatened to or actually shot anybody.

See, if Ne-Yo unloaded a glock in somebody’s ass, they you’d stop thinking he was a big nelly bottom. That’s totally how 50 Cent escaped the gay rumors, in fact.

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  • Lee

    I remember when people though Crystal Bowersox was a lesbian even though she was married to a man.

  • Clint

    Doesn’t sound homophobic. It can get tiring being called something you’re not. If I was constantly called straight (never had this problem by the way) I would get tired of it real quick, even though I don’t have a problem with straight people. And as for the gun comment, I’m ok with the idea that gay people aren’t violent.

  • Hilarious

    I could see if people actually gave a fuck but usually people just seem to be insinuating that black celebrities are gay for the sole purpose of ruining their careers.

  • Black Pegasus

    @Hilarious: Sorry, but Miss Neyo is
    in fact GAY! And his constant claims to the contrary is becoming
    tiring and pathetic. I wish he would just Shut the Fuck Up already..

    As for your comment about his Blackness having a part in the rumors; I’d have to say some of that may be true, but some
    people in the R&B and Hip Hop Culture shoulder some of the blame.
    Have you visited some Black Gossip websites lately? The sites practice outright HOMOPHOBIA and it’s viewers eat it up like
    a rabid mob. At least once a week you’ll see a bullshit article
    about some Black Male Celeb “looking Gay”, or “dressing Gay”.

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