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If That’s What Sex and the City 2 Calls Gay, I Want to Give It Back

Naturally you spent your holiday weekend catching Sex and the City 2, AMIRIGHT? Even though we told you not to? Then you’ll understand even more why the gay cliches in the film aren’t just obnoxious, they are tired and not funny. It’s a Michael Patrick King EPIC FAIL, and you’re not getting your two and a half hours back.

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  • TheAwfulTruth

    Dreadfully bloated piece of radioactive crap. That’s the best way to sum up this movie.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    I caught Jon Stewart’s interview with Michael Patrick King. Quite obviously, the two are longtime close friends (Stewart was one of the first people King came out to, King gave Stewart his first broadcasting job), and Stewart gave every opportunity to promote the film. The clip shown on the Daily Show, assumedly a promo clip to sell the movie, was a big unfunny bore. The interview itself hardly mentioned the movie. Wow, huge fail.

    I guess leave it to the vampire shows to promote the gay lifestyle?

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Oops, forgot to say that “That’s Gay” strikes another homerun. Very funny and very pointed, all at the same time. Hmmm, too bad SATC2 didn’t hire “That’s Gay” writers.

  • counterpoll

    Now that this movie is “underperforming” in the US and almost guaranteed to bomb abroad, let’s count down to when Michael Partrick King starts complaining to the media that he wasn’t “allowed” to make the film that he’d wanted to make.….

  • Charlie

    Ummmmmm I actually really enjoyed this movie… I
    guess I’m the only one?

    Sure the movie was much more camp than the first one as well as the series but I kinda enjoyed the outlandishness of it all for what it was… Liza doing single ladies I mean common how can you not love it.

  • rolph

    I loved the movie. What’s not to love? This movie, much more than the first centers on the relationship between the girls. They are having fun, we have fun. The pay homage to their gay friends, but even more so, it’s a movie about a lasting relationship among female friends, as they get older. It also cleverly highlights the way women are treated in other parts of the world, even though those regions are considered to be the new regions for fashion, travel, shopping. Very well done.

  • Michael vdB

    I loved the movie. The overboard camp was a fine touch to the movie. Besides, I think Celine Dion’s wedding was more outlandish. ;)

  • Jorge

    How unfortunate. It’s very clear that Michael Patrick King is capable of thoughtful and funny work, as seen in The Comeback. I guess he’s hit or miss…

  • Ian

    Bryan Safi is funny enough that his “That’s Gay” should get expanded to it’s own 1/2 hour weekly show :)

  • Jimmi


  • dvlaries

    Not me. I followed your advice -even though it wasn’t necessary- and stayed away.
    Lucky me. Don’t even wager five dollars I’ll watch it on cable.

  • j

    The clip that starts straight after this is better, watch it!

  • Pip

    why do gays use the word “cliche” in place of stereotype? a cliche is an overused plot device.

  • Lookyloo

    Bryan Safi comes across as a gay cliche himself.

  • Jimmi

    @rolph: Most Gays are decidedly Anti-Feminine. Everyone has to be “Mainstream” and there is little room for the Queens. And before someone pipes up and says I think all Gay Men should be queens–I am not. It is a funny and fantastic story of four women who love each other.

  • jake

    @Lookyloo: SO WHAT.

  • j

    @Jimmi: @jake: Exactly right. So bored of this cult of the masculine among gay men. Act how you want and don’t be ashamed of why you’re acting this way. Fuck this mainstreaming bullshit.

  • Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England)


    You’re easily pleased lucky you!

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