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If There’s a Plan to Repeal DADT Next Year, HRC Doesn’t Know About It


Because America’s lawmakers are pussies, the only way to get them to approve on gay rights legislation is to pass it stapled to Defense Department bills. Which is just how Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is going to get killed next year, says one House Democrat with a tendency to shout.

Rep. Barney Frank says 2011’s Pentagon spending bill will carry the end of DADT — just like how this year’s bill carried the Matthew Shepard Act. “You can’t do the standalone bill,” says Frank. “It belongs in the defense authorization.”

Given that we are not D.C. insiders, we weren’t aware of any plans to do this — especially since Frank’s own colleague, Rep. Patrick Murphy, is working on a standalone DADT repeal. And in the Senate, while nobody has officially taken up the cause, the White House is supposedly angling to get Sen. Joe Lieberman on board.

But you know who are D.C. insiders? The fine folks at the Human Rights Campaign. Who, amusingly, appear to have no idea this strategy was even on the table.

Asked about Frank’s prediction for the repeal strategy, Allison Herwitt, legislative director for the Human Rights Campaign, said her organization “always takes its cues from its congressional allies.”

“They’re the ones that write the legislation and obviously [the defense authorization] would be a great bill to have repeal be a part of,” she said. “That’s where it should be.”

That’s where it should be? Ohhh, so this tactic is party of that “road map to equality” you keep insisting you have, but won’t tell anyone about. Is anyone at the wheel over there?