Neil Patrick Harris

‘I’m getting physically aroused that you’re telling me this’


Now that Neil Patrick Harris has graduated from hosting The TV Land Awards to the mother-f’in Tonys, it’s time for a full press offensive to generate buzz! Helping things is Queerty‘s favorite gossip gay Marc Malkin from E!, who managed to combine two of our other favorite things: Harris and Betty White.

MALKIN: Now I gotta ask you about How I Met Your Mother. You know we’ve been running the stories about you wanting Betty White as one of Barney’s next conquests. And now Betty recently told us she wants to do it, and she wants to be the one who comes onto you.

HARRIS: I mean, I’m getting physically aroused that you’re telling me this. I don’t know what to say. I’m at a loss for words and need a few minutes to myself.

And I’m turning red for some reason.

I love it. I know that everyone at How I Met Your Mother is a huge fan of Betty’s, but I feel like I’ve turned this into a bigger story, and I don’t know if it could ever meet my expectations. Well, that’s not true. There’s one way that Betty White could meet my expectations.

Wow, your voice just got deeper and there’s a visual in my head now with you and Betty.

You and me both.

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  • Cam

    And after Betty White, how about Florence Henderson? He could sleep his way through TV ladies of the 70’s lol

  • GJR


    No thanks, Flo is pretty boring. They love to tell stories about how Robert Reed didn’t want to kiss her and all. Um, I think he would not want to kiss her if he were straight….

  • GJR

    BTW, I think NPH is about the sweetest, most adorable actor out there. Kind-hearted, smart, unabashed about being out, cute – a wonderful role model for our community and hopefully an encouragement to other actors that they can come out to.

  • Dennis

    Ditto, he’s showing gay actors how to do it…first, have some talent. Then, have a sense of humor about yourself, and also about the messed up/fabulous entertainment industry, and just be honest and non-apologetic/proud about your life. Granted, he could have come out a few years earlier, but his behavior since being out has been pretty classy.

  • anonymous

    He’s a idiot!

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