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In Bizarre Twist Sen. McCain Will Find Impossible To Understand, Foreign Militaries Didn’t Collapse When Gays Began Serving Openly

Looking at the militaries of Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the Palm Center at the University of California, Santa Barbara — which doesn’t have an “official” position on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, LOL — concludes in a new 151-page study that “a speedy implementation of the change is not disruptive. The finding is in direct opposition to the stated views of Pentagon leaders, who say repealing a ban on openly gay men and women in the United States armed forces should take a year or more. … The report concludes that in foreign militaries, openly gay service members did not undermine morale, cause large resignations or mass ‘comings out.’ The report found that ‘there were no instances of increased harassment’ as a result of lifting bans in any of the countries studied. In addition, the report says that none of the countries studied installed separate facilities for gay troops, and that benefits for gay partners were generally in accordance with a country’s existing benefits for gay and lesbian couples.” The study will be released Tuesday. Something tells us a few members of the House Armed Services Committee, which will be hearing from the Army’s Gen. George Casey the Air Force’s Gen. Norton Schwartz this week, might’ve scored a sneak peek. [NYT]