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These ‘Interview with the Vampire’ stars got hickeys while “draining” each other on set

If you’re a vampire, drinking blood is just part of the deal. If you don’t… it’s kind of hemophobic.

And if you’re playing a vampire on TV, say, in the AMC adaptation of Interview with the Vampire, chances are you’ll be drinking a whole lot of fake blood.

Two newly minted experts in the field are actors Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid, who play Louis and Lestat, respectively, in the series.

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And as they’ve recently revealed in an interview with Xfinity, provider of internet service and, apparently, juicy TV goss, even simulated vampire passion can grow quite heated.

Asked how they prepared for shooting the series’ more bloodthirsty scenes, Anderson admitted that, “initially, we didn’t really think about it.”

“Then we started having to do it fairly regularly,” he continued, calling the experience “really weird.”

“It’s a lot more intimate than a sex scene,” Reid interjected, adding it was “quite an extreme thing to do.”

Then there are the practical considerations. “It’s also trying to work out, like, how much blood you ingest per bite,” Read said. “Because, you know, if you’re draining somebody’s entire body of blood, it’s quite a lot of fluid to be drinking.”

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Amid all that draining, Reid revealed, “I had a wrist hickey by the end of it.”

“I had a neck hickey,” Anderson responded. “So, hickey hickey.”

Reid called that one a “payback hickey,” and if that’s his form of retribution, he may end up with a line of enemies around the block.

Here’s the full interview, with the hickey talk starting at the 1:15 mark:

And while drinking blood may be more intimate than sex–we’re just going to have to trust them on that one–the two also shared a very memorable, floating sex scene in the show’s first episode.

In an interview with Decider, Reid lauded the final cut for showing “the intensity of their connection,” but admitted “It was quite uncomfortable [to film], I got to tell you the truth, it was quite uncomfortable. We’re balancing on that [rig] and sort of holding onto each other for balance as well.”

“Yeah I just like, don’t want to kill the magic of that scene, but it was…we were naked in front of the whole stunt team,” Anderson added.

So how have fans been reacting to this super-gay new adaptation? Here’s what folks are saying:

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