Is Anybody Else Worried Jesus Is Gonna Bring The Bads To True Blood‘s Lafayette?

OMG they were so cute last night! Jesus (played by Kevin Alejandro) had the day off from caring for Lafayette’s mother Ruby Jean Reynolds, and so he stopped by Merlotte’s to hit on the cook. And Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) was smitten! This makes me worried. (Possible spoilers ahead.)

Like much of the Internet, I suspect Jesus is a member of the supernatural clan. A witch, goes the common wisdom. For good or for bad, though? Alejandro, who sizzles, has signed on for a full season arc, which means he’s not going anywhere — and which also means Lafayette might finally find himself a relationship. Though we know how these things always work out: badly.

Between these two and the gay vampires — oh, and the same-sex sex dreams and Aleksander Skarsgard doing The Gay in real life — HBO is certainly making up for lost time post-Six Feet Under, where the gays made for some of the most engrossing characters. Just please nobody let Jesus break out little Lafayette’s heart!