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Is Canada Really Trying a HIV-Positive Gay Man With Attempted Murder? Yep

Steven Paul Boone, the HIV-positive gay Canadian man who authorities named and identified in public reports as a sexually transmitting hazard to your health, has seen charges against him upgraded. To attempted murder.

Boone was arrested in May after an 18-year-old man said he contracted an “infectious disease” after having unprotected sex multiple times with Boone, whom he met online. As Boone awaits trial, he has something new to fret over: four counts of attempted murder, apparently after additional men came forward following health officials’ open call to Boone’s sex partners. He also faces charges of administering a “noxious substance” (yep, HIV). That brings Boone’s grand total of counts against him to 31.

“Screwed” seems like an apropos term.