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Is It Even Worth It For Rick & Bubba to Apologize?

The problem with apologies like the one from Rick Burgess — who went on a Biblical rampage against the president’s LGBT Pride Month proclamation on his radio show Rick & Bubba — is that they focus on people who are “offend[ed]” or “alienate[d]” by his “point of view,” and not the millions of fellow Americans he’s helping to perpetuate hatred and animosity toward. It’s hard to accept an apology from somebody who is the problem.

The apology was posted on the show’s homepage to appease the gays — but mostly to appease advertisers and the station manager.

I firmly respect and support Burgess and Bill Bussey’s right to denigrate people for whatever reason they want. But c’mon, if you’re going to stand on your First Amendment soapbox and mock an entire class of people, at least have the balls to stand by your convictions. Fags.