Is Jonny Makeup For Real?

We’re not really sure what to make of self-professed celebrity Jonny Makeup. Aside from a few snarky Gawker references, he’s not big on our radar.

That may change as Makeup – the “heiress” of American Apparel – makes a play for wonky-eyed Paris Hilton’s new MTV show, Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

We were curious about this specimen, who has also appeared on Tyra Banks’ talk show, so we dispatched brave Queerty correspondent Megan Metzger have a bit of face time with Makeup. And, the way she tells it, Jonny’s more than just a side show. In fact, she describes him as “one shrewd cookie.”

Read the duo’s dialogue and decide for yourself – after the jump…

Megan Metzger: How’s Los Angeles, Jonny? Don’t you miss New York?

Jonny Makeup: LA’s fine. You know, I always feel I’ll be a New York City boy, even though I was raised in a small coal mining town in central PA. I’ve been in New York for only three years, and I wanna live in a place where I feel I’m a “part of it” and I’m a part of it in New York.

MM: And how did you become the “heiress of American Apparel”?

JM: One of my dear friends introduced me to [Dov Charney, American Apparel founder]. I was dressing windows at American Apparel in between tours with VIP Party Boys. And one day he came in for a meeting and I wanted to tell him my idea about being his heiress and he yelled that he didn’t have time to listen to me and I told him, “I like that you yelled at me. You remind me of my daddy.” Then he said, “You look like someone from my family. Like a cousin.” Then I said, “Well, you look like my daddy!”

So I gave him my number and we hung out and I did work for him at trade shows and we developed a relationship. I’ve always loved Little Orphan Annie. I’ve always wanted to have a Daddy Warbucks and he totally is! He’s such a sweetheart! Everyday when I wake up in his mansion I feel so happy to be a part of his life. I’m so grateful he adopted me to be the heiress of his company [laughs]!

MM: As an heiress to the Hilton fortune, some of Paris’ duties include showing her snatch, shopping and dancing badly in cheap pastel club wear. What are your duties as the American Apparel heiress?

JM: They’re kind of similar, but I’m more of a “Downtown It Girl” than a “Hollywood It Girl,” so we could take over both scenes. I can be seen at any given day at an Echo Park, L.E.S. or Misshapes party wearing good/bad Jeremy Scott fashion. And my “M-gina” is always out, too!