Is Mayor Stu Rasmussen Terrorizing Oregon’s Children?

Always late to the story, Bill O’Reilly is finally getting around to trashing transgender Silverton, Oreg., Mayor Stu Rasmussen. The Fox News host has a problem with him! Mostly, the way he dresses! Not exactly understood: Silverton must not have that big a problem with him, since they elected him mayor.

(NB: Kudos to Megyn Kelly for recognizing kids these days can “handle” trans folks.)

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  • kademonster

    I just love how he kept pushing the “but you don’t think children should be protected from that” and his fellow fox news anchor kept giving him an emphatic NO. And what was with his line “We don’t have them in my town.” Well how the hell does he know that? Gah he just gets more ridiculous my the day. But whatever pulls in ratings, you know.

  • Coco

    According to the right wing, we are all pedophiles or something. Fox news is so homophobic and racist, it’s not even funny anymore. How does he get away with this shit?

  • Alleyne

    I think children should be protected from facts-allergic, bigoted homophobic perverts who get off on stalking women, harassing co-workers and publicly share their fantasies about dubiously-consensual sexual encounters involving Middle Eastern foodstuffs. So to that end: BAN O’REILLY!

  • Mike L.

    Kudos to Ms. Kelly for atleast acknowledging that Trans people ARE part of society, and that children need to know that too without being too explicit about it (depends on the age, and maturity of course).

    Bill is such a mofo!

  • Larry

    Let me first say I can’t stand O’Reilly, but I would consider him to be an intelligent person. But wow is he clueless! He said near the end of the piece that there are no transgenders in his town! Transgenders are everywhere. What a naive, small-minded boob!

  • Tara

    Wait? Trans people are people too? Thank you for validating us as human.

    Fuck them all.

  • sal(the original)

    from what i see fox female anchors dress very sexy,im sure those perfect male souls on fox hate their outfits too.

  • Celia

    From what I recall, the people in Rasmussen’s town are very supportive of him, and came out to counter-protest when the WBC brought the hate-train along.

    Anyway, doesn’t Bill O’Riley live in NYC, for practical reasons? There must be thousands of transgendered people all over the place. I think some straight people think LGBT folk live in an alternate dimension or something, and couldn’t possibly be the people buying milk and a newspaper in the local co-op or anything normal like that. We have our gay dimension for the gay stuff we do, and if we get out, it’s just freaky and wrong and might upset children (the idea that some of those children – “children” here can mean anyone up to the age of eighteen in some cases – might be LGBT themselves is, of course, completely perverted thinking)

  • Jason in Cincy

    Can you even believe Fox employs Megyn Kelly? In many commentaries on the channel, she’s been supportive of LGBT causes and done a fairly fantastic job of explaining our issues.

    Boot Bill and give this lady his job!

  • M Shane

    Just because 1/2 of America is so dense as to watch Fox News because of it’s catchy layouts and bizarre theatrical claims, and refusal to give the actual news we don’t have to be stupid as well. It is a well documented and proven that they have been Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine for the right wing neocons. The diocumentary film “Outfoxed” had a whole variety of exfox newscaster/reporters who quit because they were so outraged at being handed Murdoch’s version of the news every single day.

    O’Reily , like Vulturewoman Ann Coulter and the other fat imbecile are no more than fanatic voices for fanatic mindless people to listen too because they don’t need to think.
    on the whole , It doesn’t matter who they hire, if you’re a principled person anyone on that station is an ultra right wing bimbo. The business sector would as soon support us because they get all of our money. The right wing has people like O;Reily to keep the Religious fabnatics in tow.
    In reality I doubt that this Kelly ois any different at heart than Ann Coulter

  • Kamikapse

    @Jason in Cincy: If you watch one segment with her and Bill O reilly on Gay marriage in California you will see that Ms. Kelly is not all that.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    Hmmm but why does SR have to throw it in YOUR face all the time?? If he is a woman on the inside…don’t women EVER wear trousers?? Are ALL my female friends ALWAYS in heels??

    And you want people to take Trans people seriously with this attention seeker??


    Way to go with your representatives!

  • tricky ricky

    ah like she was ELECTED! nobody cares. fox news just loves making shit up.

  • youcanthandlethetruth

    This guy looks such an idiot walking around dressed like a woman.

    In a way it’s sick that the people of this town facilitate and humour this poor idiot’s sad delusion.

    You can start believing kids these days can “handle” trans folks when a boy walks into the girls’ locker room at school, declares he’s really a girl, undresses and takes a shower with the girls.

  • youcanthandlethetruth

    Even though it’s the highest rated cable news channel Fox only has a tiny audience. Billo’s show is their biggest draw and he averages 2.8M viewers, less than 1% of the US population.

    Why do all their female “news analysts” have to be bimbos?

  • TANK


    As opposed to just being an idiot like you clearly are?

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