Calling It Quits

Is Michael Sam’s Football Career Already Over At Age 25?

michael_samWhat’s up with Michael Sam?

The 6-foot-2, 260-pound, NFL hopeful/Dancing With The Stars contestant lasted less than three weeks with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League. This is the third team that hasn’t worked out for the former college football star who just a year ago became the first openly gay player to be drafted by the National Football League.

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For now, team officials are keeping mum about Sam’s reasons for leaving, but it doesn’t sound good.

“Everything that has been said is done,” head coach Tom Higgins said at a press conference. “A lot of things happened and unfolded. That’s not to be discussed. We’re putting that behind us.”

General manager Jim Popp added: “There’s nothing to tell you. He wanted to go home, and that’s what he did. I don’t know why. When a guy wants to go home, they go home. He had some personal things to take care of.”

Sam Joined the league with high hopes. Not only is the CFL considered a more tolerant place, but it can serve as a stepping stone to the NFL for many hopefuls once they prove themselves on the field. And what gay man wouldn’t want to live in Montreal? No word on whether Sam simply missed home cooking and his sexy BF, Vito Cammisano.

Teammates say Sam nonetheless had trouble adjusting to Canadian professional football and, according to one source, he “kind of stuck to himself.”

Team officials say they are baffled by Sam’s sudden departure, but that he is welcome to return. In fact, they hope he does.

“I’m surprised he left,” Popp said. “I was very surprised. If he doesn’t come back, I would think football’s over for him. He’s the one that has to face that.”

UPDATE: Sam returned to practice with the Canadian Football League team Monday, June 29. Upon his return, Sam told press: “I was always coming back,” he said. “I had to deal with personal matters when I was home. That’s all taken care of, so now I’m back.”

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h/t: Montreal Gazette