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Is Obama Faking It With the Gays to Make It With Conservatives?


We are loving Andrew Malcolm’s conspiracy theory about why President Obama isn’t actually supporting LGBTs. It goes something like this: He can risk pissing off strong liberals by sitting out on gay rights, because really, where else do they have to go? And by rankling the gays he can drum up support from moderate conservatives for his immediate priorities, like healthcare reford. And getting the gays upset with him is all part of his master plan. Brills!

MORE: “Now, why would a Democratic White House want to annoy — even infuriate — the far side of its activist liberal base that was so crucial to his election? Well, what are they gonna do, announce allegiance to Ron Paul? That ultra-progressive sector simply has nowhere else to go. So, what’s to worry? Also, Obama enjoys overwhelming support generally among the nation’s Democrats. So what if his popularity there plummets to 80%? Now, who’s the president gonna need to support healthcare reform and bandage this Afghan mess heading into the 2010 midterm election year when history says he’ll likely lose seats on the Hill? Bingo, those same conservative/centrist House pals of Emanuel’s whose incumbencies are a main shield against any Republican resurgence. Oh, and about those crucial Independents who elected Obama last November and then started falling away all summer as Obama’s liberal spending, reforms and deficits metastasized? What better way to let those swayable folks come back home than by asking the helpful question, how can Obama possibly be an ultra-liberal if he’s being so publicly vilified by angry ultra-liberals?”

(But really, the whole thing is worth a read.)