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Is Sex and the City Making These 2 Get Married?


It’ll be the most unlikely (read: forced) pairing of two gay men in the history of … television-cinema. Sex and the City‘s Stanford Blatch (Carrie’s bald gay) and Anthony Marentino (Charlotte’s wedding planner) are getting hitched in Connecticut, if Life & Style‘s report is to be believed. The tabloid says the SATC sequel calls for a wedding scene in the Nutmeg State, made possible courtesy of New York’s own non-legalization of gay marriage. But hey, maybe that will end up being the ultimate plot spoiler.

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  • alan brickman

    Gross!! What happened to the hot dancer he was dating??…

  • alan brickman

    Definately going to be “an open marriage”….

  • Erick

    That is soooo out of character, for both. This would be just a stunt to get two gays married.

  • Geoff M

    Queerty I love ya but PLEASE get a proofreader! Seriously, almost every one of your posts has multiple problems and sometimes it’s hard to read without going over it two or three times. Again….love ya, but come on!

    And on topic to the post: I hope these two aren’t getting married, it’s absolutely against the character they’ve established for these two.

  • Cam

    Oh Give me a fucking break. So just because they are both gay they are supposed to fall for each other? Here’s an idea, how about having them both find other boyfriends. Man, these movies are ridiculous. Then again, they keep having Carrie and Big stay together.

  • Fitz

    It will be deeply insulting to me, if it proves to be true. What are we, goldfish? “Throw two together and they will mate!”. These two wouldn’t even play together, let alone get married.

  • Charles

    My God! Whatever happened to the hot guy Stanford was with? They were so cute together and I thought we would get a marriage ceremony with the two of them.

  • bystander

    This pairing would be too contrived to be believable. Seriously they should bring Marcus back for Stanford to marry, that was a far better pairing, and i still don’t know why they broke up.

    As for Anthony Marentino, I see him with some gruff aggressive bear who can put him in his place.

  • scott ny'er

    i hope it’s not true, mainly because I want to be surprised when I see the movie and yes, it’s out of character for both of them

  • Ian

    That would be beyond stupid as the characters never liked each other and/or were attracted to each other. But I guess they want to tell their str8 female demo that ANY two gay guys who are in the same room together will want to hump. Pathetic.

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