Is Ted Haggard Building the Next New Life Church From His Own House?


Ted Haggard, the adorable former anti-gay preacher and male prostitute enthusiast, is returning to the pulpit! At his house!

Just weeks after indicating he didn’t want to start his own church, Haggard is doing just that, from his own house at 1865 Old Ranch Road, in Colorado Springs, announced via Twitter. The first meeting is this Thursday and will be, officially, a “prayer meeting.” But he’s not stopping reporters from calling it a church.

Think Haggard is crazy? He isn’t. He started New Life Church — which ended up forcing him out — in 1985 with 25 people meeting in his basement. He’s also a motivated man: the insurance salesman thing isn’t working out so well, and his only real source of cash are talks like these.

So what are the advantages of preaching from the home? Less overhead, the possibility of getting a property tax write-off, and the ability to pull fresh baked meth brownies from the oven.