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  • jasun mark

    OK, Ok.. we’ve punished him enough for “A-List.”

    Yes, being on that show helped set gay equality back about 5 years but he’s done an awful lot by just being an out, handsome and most of all, not being Johnny Trendy.

    So… let’s get off his inexplicably purple back and let him just… ok, yeah, he looks a little silly here but I say just let him do his thing.

  • Jack E. Jett

    I worked with Mr. Reichen at Q TV and he was very sweet and even more beautiful in person. The thing I like best is his incredible sense of humor. He is smart or he wouldn’t be where he is.

  • justiceontherocks

    Updates on Reichen and Dan Choi the same day. What did we do to deserve that?

    Why so much ink about two of the most uninteresting career homos on the planet?

  • Casey

    God, he’s fucking nasty. Not to mention the fact that he’s 50 and wears make-up.

  • ousslander

    looks like he’s grinding from coke

  • David

    He’s better looking if you don’t know anything about his personality.

  • gregger

    He really makes my stomach turn.

  • Thomas Marx

    Reichen Lehmkuhl is the female version of Paris Hilton.

  • christopher di spirito

    Why don’t these muscle queens realize that men look the most attractive when they smile?

  • Kieran

    He ain’t all that!!!

    (But damn close enough)

    Can’t we just celebrate the fact that being gay doesn’t necessarily mean you look like Perez Hilton? You can be gay and look like Reichen….. or Anderson….. or Ricky. Alleluia!

  • Cam

    Sorry, after seeing “The A List” I just can’t even look at this guy anymore.

  • HD G Vid

    Love it !

  • kayla

    I hated A-list, but at least the guy has enough self-respect not to wax his armpit hair, that has to count for something….

  • Alexa

    I watched an episode of a list and Reichen was the least vomit inducing person on there, which is really sad.

  • Alexa

    That should be A-List, of course, not a list (I’m on my ex’s laptop which hates me. Luckily she doesn’t).

  • jack70


  • scott ny'er

    that’s a terrible shot. I’m hoping that this is from the discard pile and the great shots we’ll see soon.

  • redball

    Hot bod–if this is real. It’s hard for me to take any images at face value these days, with all the acknowledged airbrushing in the industry.

  • Viktor

    Not. Cute. lol

  • OrchidIslander

    I like Reichen and I like this photo. He has crazy mad angles and the camera apparently liked them too.

  • chimmy

    well, you know, they’ve signed on for another season of “A-List”. God how awful that will be.

  • WilliamG

    @Thomas Marx: Hahahahahahhahaa that’s the funniest thug I’ve seen on this site. Bwhahaha

  • Qjersey

    Power bottoms who are all about their masculinity are funny.

  • kayla

    I have to laugh at some of the comments on this thread, criticizing this man’s looks….I may not appreciate his show, or his famewhoring….but there is no denying that he’s one of the more genetically blessed of our species….all of the people claiming they find him physically unattractive, know that they would not turn him or someone looking like him down…if the offer arose….unless of course they already found themselves in a committed, loving relationship (then I hope they would, since I’m very pro monogamy)….The man is pretty….You can hate him, but denying the obvious is kinda ridiculous….

  • Seriously?

    Sorry, Kayla. There are no universal types for gays. There’s absolutely nothing appealing about him and that picture is just horrendous.

    His PR needs to log off of Queerty.

  • Kamikapse

    I don’t see your point… even attractive people can look ridiculous in pictures.

  • jasun mark

    Ok Ok.. we’ve been mean enough to him.

    Honestly… Reichen really has done an AWFUL lot that he doesn’t get credit for doing. He was half of the first gay celebrity power-couple along with Lance Bass and had to endure a very awkward and bumpy relationship with the press who just didn’t know how to handle them.

    Remember how they made a huge deal when he explained to a flower vendor that “I’m gay” when they tried to get him to buy flowers for his girlfriend and the press made a huge deal about how gay people should like flowers MORE?

    He showed a whole generation of young gay men that you could be gay… and handsome… and masculine… and smart (yes… he really is quite smart, don’t fall into the trap of thinking hot=dumb).

    His book “This is what we’ll say” was a kindred spirit to thousands of closeted gay military people.

    Yes… A-List sucks. But that’s not really his fault. He’s not the editor. He’s just a guy trying to make a living like us all. The picture above? Meh… Not really getting the point of it but again.. he’s not the artist taking the picture, he’s just the model. And most of us should look so good with our shirts off.

  • JoeyO'H

    Princess Tiny Meat is a fame whore muscle queen. Check please!

  • kayla

    @JoeyO’H: Okay…You made me laugh!!!That was a very cheeky comment!

  • justiceontherocks

    @jasun mark: Are you serious?? His book was a “kindred spirit” to thousands?? Five copies were purchased.

    Your hero worship is admirable, but a role model he is not. He’s just another talentless professional homo who makes a living as a “former reality star.”

  • Craig

    @kayla: God, I wish you would just be quiet and get your breeder ass off this site. Oh, and stop trying to tell every gay how they should feel about men just because YOU find them attractive. Thanks.

  • kayla

    @Craig: That’s not very nice of you! By the way, I’m no more or less of a “breeder” than you are….Unless you have some reproductive problem, you’re just as capable of procreating as I am….Are there still people who use that term…? How very sad….it’s 2011…not 1995…you must be quite retro, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • lemon-lime

    @Craig: Every time you call someone a breeder you lower yourself to the same level as the people who think it’s ok to call us faggots.

    @kayla: Don’t feed the trolls. :)

  • kayla

    @lemon-lime: You’re so right….I just don’t understand why I bring out the worst in some people…thanks for the advice, I’ll try not to do that.

  • Jimmy

    Does HIV really make your belly and sides all weird looking?

  • Jax

    @Jimmy: Wait where did you get the HIV thing….um since when has he announced hes positive?

  • Jeffree

    @Kayla: You have every right to be and stay here. I appreciate your posts. Please don’t assume that some random troll speaks for the rest of us LGBT people. I’m glad you decided to join us.

  • Shannon1981

    @kayla: I think its a myth that gays don’t want straights on our sites. I personally only have a problem with the variety that troll, lecture, and have no respect. You don’t see to be that type, and while I don’t always agree with you, I see you making a real effort to be gay friendly, and you haven’t rounded up bunches of people to take over or anything like that. I don’t speak for everyone, of course…but as far as I am concerned straights who keep it respectful on gay sites are just fine. Ignore trolling, it happens.

  • Michael Jays

    He’s either constipated or trying to put together a complete thought. Poor thing.

  • Michael Jays

    @Jack E. Jett:
    Well I guess compared to someone like you he is all those things. But to the general population the bar is much, much higher.

  • justiceontherocks

    @kayla: I enjoy you being here. I don’t always agree with you but you seem to keep an open mind and you’re a positive happy person. Stick around and have fun.

  • Kevin B

    This is not a commentary on Reichen but on the horrible current state of photo retouching. What the hell have they done to his skin? He looks like he took a radiation bath. And the blurring under his eyes is so horribly done.

  • Joe

    @Jason Mark – are you really Reichen writing under the fancy pseudonym Jason Mark? If that’s true, then you ARE smart!

  • Joe

    and some of the bitches on this website are so mean i would be afraid to be their friend!

  • Charles

    He puts the NAR in narcissist. So Self absorbed. So ripped. So what?

  • Steve

    It looks like he’s ready to break out in a version of “White Wedding”, a la Billy Idol.

  • EB

    It baffles me that the gay community can be so self hating at times that they take a man who gives so much of his time and resources to create a world more accepting of gays. You can judge him all you like, but judging each other won’t get us anywhere. It will only keep us stuck in a vicious cycle. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten and the gay community has extended the hatred of self on other members of the community for far too long. Insisting that there is only one correct way to be gay, and it seems many of the people commenting seem to know just what that is, seems to be just as destructive as saying you should only be straight, only be of a certain religion, only be of a certain race, etc. Unlike many gay men, Reichen is unashamed of his sexuality and strives to simply be who he is. He’s an honorable man for that. Can you imagine if we all could do that? If we could just BE despite what everyone thought? If we as a ay community could do that, our world would change overnight.

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