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It Takes a Courageous Man Like Rep. Joe Wilson to Act Like a 3rd Grader

There is a reason somebody created the song “Don’t Be a Douchebag”: For people like South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, who screamed “You lie” during President Obama’s speech to Congress. He was summarily excoriated across the web, including the ultimate diss: His Wikipedia page was edited. Snap!

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  • Cam

    But unfortunatly that is what the republican party has become. They used to have different beliefs than the Dem regarding finances, military etc… Now their only purpose seems to be causing mayhem and problems aimed at whatever the president or Congress is working on. They need to look at history, you can’t be a viable party if your only mandate is to attack the other party. Sure, it can make things difficult for the Dem’s but people aren’t actually going vote for them during an election if their platform reads “Um….we’re against anything that they say.”

    This congressman acting this way shouldn’t be a shock, we should be surprised it hasn’t happened before now. And as for the claim he got carried away, that is untrue. Knowing Washington, this was planned in advance in his office and he was hoping he would be lauded as a voice for truth etc… Sorry Idiot, backfired on you didn’t it?

  • z

    Now let’s just all quietly wait for a Joe Wilson sex scandal to surface, so we can lob back at him: “You lie!”

  • Luke Cage Hero for Hire

    So what’s the over/under on when this douche bag gets caught in his very own personal scandal of lies and what do you think it will be: Cheating on his wife, tax scandal, embezzelment, gay lover? What’s your pleasure?

  • The Milkman

    Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.

    Republicans have been so terribly devoid of any substantive and relevant ideas for so long that they are now lashing out through childish, boorish, destructive behavior. What happened to the educated, serious, respectable conservatives? There is a place for these voices in government. Where are they? Why have they allowed their party to devolve into a vomitous mass of lying, histrionic, paranoid mouthbreathers who wouldn’t be able to distinguish a college classroom from a Steak N Shake?

    Even during the height of the war crime-laden administration of Bush fils, Democratic officials never shouted him down during a speech to Congress, and never sat there texting or tweeting on their Crackberries during a televised national speech. Bush’s policies certainly deserved more condemnation than they got, but there was always a level of respect for the office. It says something that’s quite damning about the character of the current officeholders in the Republican party that they can’t seem to pull it together any better than this.

  • Brian

    Religion speaks again: Presbyterian

  • edgyguy1426

    Ironic that the illegal immigrant part of the Health Care speech was the only part of his speech that wasn’t using ‘fuzzy math’

  • stevenelliot

    I have a dream! A civil union between Andre Bauer and Lindsey Graham will happen in Argentina. Gov Mark Sanford presides as best man with his soul-mate, Maria Chapur, as date. Joe Wison has now been asked to be ring bearer. A lowly job, but such an honor!

    The grooms’ wedding rings are to be very fashionable! Masculine and Platinum. Made by Cartier. Designed by Senator Jim DeMint. They will be inscribed with the official logo of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina and with the phrase “You Lie!”

    The couple will honeymoon in the Faulkland Islands……

  • Rick


    I aspirated my protein shake when I read that.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Paul

    Joe Wilson from South Carolina, is just another good old boy where in the morning these married men preach to you that there should be prayer in our schools and in the evening they are on their cell phones setting up a date with their other women on the side, hypocrisy has been bred in. I am not surprised that he felt compel to yell like he was at some Friday night game. He is a hater not a debater like most of his side of the isle.

  • PopSnap

    @The Milkman:

    I miss Barry Goldwater, and others like him. He was truly one of the last great conservatives who actually UNDERSTOOD what the word meant.

  • schlukitz

    What a rotten cesspool of foul-mouthed asshats the Republican Party has become.

    They are an International Embarrassment.

  • OhYeah

    We’ll be calling Obama and the Dems. worse than “liar” when we march in October.

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