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It’s Hysterical to Hear Archbishop Timothy Dolan Continue Saying He’s Not Anti-Gay While Affirming Anti-Gay Positions

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New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan says that “before I make any daring, creative changes,” he wanted to lay low for the first year. He lied. He immediately decided to jump into the gay marriage debate in New York, condemning the notion that marriage discrimination should be declared illegal.

“Marriage is classically defined as a life-long, loving, life-giving union between a man and a woman … That’s the definition encoded in the human person. That’s been the defintion respected from the beginning. And it’s served society well.” But Dolan says that when that interpretation of marriage is “interpreted” as anti-gay, he “cringes.” And because the Church is so, uh, pro-gay, Dolan says he’s victimized by the other side of the debate.

Because really, they’re the victims.

Including when the gays try to march during the St. Patrick’s Day parade. “It’s a wise decision” to ban the gays, he says, because doing so would violate “the integrity” of the parade.

This guy is just terrible.

(Cue to 7:50 for the segment on gay marriage.)

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