It’s Problematic If You Don’t Know Who’s Naked By Now

With all the markings of an Andy Samberg digital short, “Guess Who’s Naked” is the work of Alex (naked guy), Spencer (friend in bed) and Kyle (general inspiration), some Berklee College of Music types with a Flip Cam and willingness to titillate the gays.


So I’m sitting in my pj’s
Listening to britney
Crying about my ex
His name was carl, he used to hit me
I’m gonna take a shower
I’ve been getting kinda stinky!
I remove my woven garments
And give my roommates a little winky

‘Cause guess who’s naked
That’s great
Oh my!
Sounds like a plan!

I’m jogging in the neighborhood
I spot a really cute guy
He’s nestled at a table
eating fresh apple…strudel
I stop to take a break
and get a good look at his bod
I couldn’t help but smie

I walked up to this man
with my hands on my hips
I looked into his eyes
and said “what’s up sugar…cock”

(sick keyboard solo)

So this hunk’s name is Angelo
He had superman muscles
The way he raised his brow
reminded me of the guy I met in Brussels!
He said “excuse me sir, who are you?”
I looked at him and smiled
I reached into my pocket
and I pulled out a…gun

Guess who has the death sentence
Death sentence
That sounds yucky
Death sentence
Um, question: will I be naked while being put to death?

[Thanks, Justin!]

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  • DSNX

    Wow. That was just staggeringly unfunny.

  • concernedcitizen

    I laughed!… that’s a lie.

  • CHIP1218

    That was def unfunny. Scary thing is the naked guy looks like a fraternity brother of mine who grew up in that area…just with longer hair.

  • Tom

    Christ. Really?

  • Michael

    This is your mind on unemployment. Boredom finds people doing strange things with their time.

  • Cassandra

    Makes me feel sorry for straight women, having these creeps in their dating pool

  • Molly

    That’s not even a little bit funny… and it’s pretty offensive, honestly.

  • drewbrown


  • asa1973

    Not even chuckle-worthy…

  • edgyguy1426

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so fuckin stereotypical.

  • Molly

    @alan brickman: C-c-c-combo breaker

  • Jaroslaw

    I don’t have a clue what this is supposed to be about. The main character is all lispy and prissy? Stereotypical effeminate Gay stuff. Not funny or interesting to me. Why was this posted here?

  • Pip

    that guy is sort of attractive i guess, but that video definitely wasn’t titillating, or entertaining.

  • concretepinata

    What the FUCK Qweerty? Mocking gay stereotypes with overdone sibilant sussurations is “titillating”?
    This absolutely climbs to the pinnacle of moronitude, jackasseriness, and sophmoric tone-deaf self-flattery at the EXPENSE of gays. How is this not a cornucopiea of what is obvious? What. The. Shit.
    It’s not even a whisper of clever, and you should bloody well apologize to SNL, whom, while unfunny as well, at least makes an attempt at original material. I imagine 8th grade sexually insecure guys finding this a howl.

  • Toby

    Not only was it unfunny…nobody was naked! Give me a bare ass or SOMETHING!

  • Eric.

    Nope. Not funny at all. Just painful to sit through.

  • Richard

    Not even remotely funney. It could’ve been insulting, if the whole thing weren’t so embarassing for the people who made it.

  • me

    i like this cuz im gay and i know how he feels

  • Pip

    @me: hahah me too. i hate when i’m sexually harassing a guy and i have to pull a gun on him.

  • alan brickman

    Gay guys stalk straight guys all the time….very unfunny and true…

  • Queer Supremacist

    When these stereotypes are being perpetrated by actual gays you love them and defend them to the death.

    I don’t, no matter who puts them out.

  • Kyle412

    the main guy looks like sandra bernhard and the guy who has superman muscles… well my mom has bigger muscles. bad editing as well. he is supposed to be “naked” yet in the shower if you watch again you can see his wearing shorts in the shower.

  • gilber

    this is the way that males, with a tendency toward being sexually monoecious, try to compensate for their loss of masculinity.

  • L.

    OK, so it’s lame, unfunny, the editing is crap, he’s nakedly wearing shorts in the shower, and the lip-syncing sucks more than the Deepwater Horizon top-killer.

    So the only question is – why, Queerty?

  • Robin

    Homophobia isn’t funny.

  • Shnon

    Come on people! Quit being so offended! It was a stupid harmless song and it was funny! Sometimes you need to laugh at yourself, you don’t see me freaking out over “shoes” because its making fun of girls! Poking a little bit of fun at people is what comedy is based on, and its all in good fun as long as it’s not hate based.

  • Charlotte

    Okay, I get it that it’s homophobic and I’m all up for eliminating homophodia peace gay pride all that. But hasn’t anyone noticed “Crying about my ex, His name was Carl he used to hit me?” Woah, harsh. Being in an abusive relationship is not funny. Humor should not touch on this because some people actually have been in a abusive relationship and to them it’s not funny. It’s funny in that sort of child way like when your little someone says but and you laugh. It didn’t offend me but it might others, just a POV. :) Nice Try! I heard it from my friends and thought it was a real song I even checked itunes and was confused when I couldn’t find it.

    –Pursue being a youtube sensation it may happen just always think of how it may be offensive!

    –Charlotte <3

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