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It’s Time For the Pundits to Weigh in On Obama + NEM. Including Queerty‘s

Now that Obama and the marchers have had their say, it’s time for the pundits to weigh in! Don’t run away now, this is the best part! Is Obama doing enough for LGBTs? Was the march worthwhile? Where did Lady Gaga buy that outfit? Queerty‘s own David Hauslaib joined up with the Huffington Post‘s Jose Antonio Vargas to discuss two of those three questions for CNN.COM today, but they certainly weren’t the only ones delving into the debate.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night after Obama disappointed gay Americans on Saturday night, Dan Choi, Hilary Rosen, Dan Savage, and Michelangelo Signorile gathered ’round for their own session. Can you really call this weekend’s Brady Bunch roundtable a “debate” when everyone agrees with each other? No. Which is why they had Rosen and Savage in there!

We’ve got all sorts of fun nuggets in here:

Rosen: Obama can’t be taken at his word! Also, incremental change is still change!

Savage: We didn’t ask Obama to do anything, it was Obama who promised us!

Signorile: Everything has to happen NOW!

Choi: …?

So, uh, who comes off the most grounded?