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Ivanka won’t let Secret Service use any of her six toilets, resulting in costly bathroom dilemma

U.S. taxpayers have been paying $3,000 a month since September 2017 for the Secret Service to rent a bathroom in Ivanka and Jared’s neighbor’s house because the couple doesn’t want to share a toilet with the very people tasked with protecting their lives, according to the Washington Post.

More than $100,000 has been spent on a basement studio in a house near the  family’s $15,000/month, six and a half bath rental property just so agents have a place to go to the bathroom while on duty.

But not only that.

Sometimes agents are forced to wander through the neighborhood and find a local business that will allow them to use the restroom to relieve themselves.

“It’s the first time I ever heard of a Secret Service detail having to go to these extremes to find a bathroom,” a local law enforcement official familiar with the situation tells WaPo.

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All this happened after Ivanka and Jared’s neighbors complained about an outdoor porta-potty being set up at the end of the block for agents to use.

“When they put the porta-potty right outside on the sidewalk we weren’t allowed to walk on, that was when people in the neighborhood said, ‘That’s really not acceptable’,” former neighbor Dianne Bruce says.

“These poor people,” she remembers thinking about the day the porta-potty was hauled away. “What, are they going to have to get in their cars?”

A spokesperson at the White House denies that Ivanka and Jared refused Secret Service agents access to any of the six toilets in their mansion, saying it was the agency’s decision to rent their own bathroom off-site.

But the local law enforcement official says that’s simply not true and that the family did, indeed, request agents find somewhere else to go while protecting them in their home, declaring all seven of their toilets “off-limits.”

A spokeswoman for the Secret Service declined to comment on the matter.

UPDATE: A previous version of this story stated Ivanka had seven toilets. She actually only has six. We regret the error.

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