Jack Price’s 2nd Attacker Pleads Guilty In Brutal Queens Gay Bash Stomping

After being indicted in January, both Daniel Aleman, 27, and Daniel Rodriguez, 22, have now pleaded guilty to attacking 49-year-old Queens man Jack Price last year in a vicious unprompted assault caught on tape. The pair admitted to to taunting Price with anti-gay slurs before beating and robbing him, sending him to ICU. Price, who previously said he wanted to see his attackers “rot in jail,” will get some of his wish: Aleman faces up to eight years in prison, and Rodriguez could serve 12. Not that Rodriguez’s father Daniel Sr. can wrap his head around the hate crime element: “This incident came about because of an argument over some kind of writing of graffiti on the wall of the deli,” the father insists. “I’d like to apologize to Jack Price and his family, but this didn’t happen because he was gay and [Price] knows that.”

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