Creep city

Jake Shears engages in some solo pleasure

Fresh off the heels of his successful Broadway debut in Kinky Boots, followed by the publication of his memoir, Boys Keep Swinging, Jake Shears is now gearing up to release of his first solo album.

The Scissor Sisters frontman announced on Twitter today that his self-titled album will be out on August 10th.

He also dropped the music video for the album’s lead single “Creep City”. The video features no shortage of the sex and attitude we’ve come to know and love from the glam rock virtuoso.

In an interview with THE FADER, Shears says: “Every song on the record is one live take with eight or nine people playing together. It was exhilarating to not feel confined to a grid. We basically ditched the middleman, and I was able to create something that was truly my own. I’ve never felt so cocky about anything I’ve made.”


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