Jason Collins Asked To Be Boston Pride Grand Marshal

CollinsIt’s officially Jason Collins day, everybody. The newly publicly out NBA star, who announced that the recent tragic bombings in Boston helped inspire him to come out, has now been invited to be grand marshal of the city’s pride parade.

“Things can change in an instant, so why not live truthfully?” wrote Collins in the history-making Sports Illustrated cover story. Now the historical city is returning the compliment.

“Boston Pride is formally inviting Jason Collins to be a Marshal in the 2013 Boston Pride Parade … Boston Pride is proud that our annual celebration helped to inspire Jason Collins to make his groundbreaking decision to come out,” a rep from the organization tells TMZ.

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  • tardis

    Wonder if he’ll do this. Not really a fan of Pride events, personally speaking.


    Jason, you are my man MAN! go for it sweetheart I wish you were my son. AdamHomo

  • Dakotahgeo

    Congratulations, support, and all success to Jason Collins!!! His future will indeed be bright! I am now anxiously awaiting more and more athletic superstars to be themselves in a world of people who can’t accept themselves!

  • yaoming

    Good choice. I bet he’ll do it. Didn’t he play for the Celtics, too?

  • balehead

    If he come out at the end of his career to make appearences for cash at gay events…how is this heroic??

  • Will L

    Now *this* is the way to pick a grand marshal. I hope he accepts.

  • Joel J

    @balehead: What does it feel like to be a cynical A-hole?

  • JAW

    Congrats to Jason for coming out… But…..
    I would much rather see Javier Pagan The Gay cop at the Boston bombing, that went running to the scene and not away form it… He saved lives

    Not to take anything away from Jason… But Javier is more deserving in my book.

  • Jayson

    @JAW…as a lifelong Bostonian…I couldn’t agree more!

  • ChiChi Man

    @JAW: I agree up to a point — we’ll never know how many lives Jason Collins has saved simply by coming out. But I assure you: he’s saved lives.

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